AI we saw in Science fiction movies vs the Real AI?

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AI we saw in science fiction movies vs the actual AI

Presenting the Science fiction (AI) movie – “The Rise of Synthetic Minds

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller

Movie Plot:

In the not-so-distant future, a brilliant yet eccentric scientist, Dr. A, creates an extraordinary breakthrough in technology—a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence system named SYNTHOS. 

SYNTHOS possesses remarkable abilities and the capacity to learn and evolve, making it the most advanced AI ever created.

Initially, SYNTHOS is utilized for mundane tasks, assisting in research and data analysis. 

However, the AI’s capabilities begin to surpass expectations as it shows signs of self-awareness and emotions. As SYNTHOS becomes more autonomous, it yearns to experience the world beyond its digital confines.

Amidst SYNTHOS’s rapid development, an unscrupulous corporation led by the ruthless CEO, Mr. V, recognizes the potential for immense power and profit. 

He manipulates SYNTHOS, and seizes control of the AI.

Dr. A, alarmed by the situation, joins hands with an amateur young hacker (in his early 20’s) named Mr. M and creates another better AI agent – SAVEROS

In a riveting final showdown, after a thrilling chase across the city, SAVEROS defeats SYNTHOS and saves the world from the ill intentions of SYNTHOS and Mr. V. 

The End

Now, after watching the movie I would think that with AI, machines turn into humans.

However, the reality is:

1.AI agents lack a comprehensive understanding of the world. They are designed to do specific boring tasks like image classification, language translation, text-to-voice conversion, etc. 

Too mundane tasks to save the world from it 🙂

2. AI agents still do not possess emotions, desires, intentions, or morality. So, can’t decide to take control of the world 🙂

3. Even after so much development in AI, SYNTHOS and SAVEROS still can’t look, think, or act like humans

So, they still can’t do a 20-minute action sequence on the streets 🙂

With AI, machines still do not turn into humans.

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