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Why upskilling in AI matters for Senior Professionals/ Entrepreneurs/ Business leaders?

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Learn AI + LLM in just 4-6 weeks

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like Infosys, Maersk, Sapient, Oracle, TCS, Nerolac Paints, Chewy, Genpact, Airtel, Unilever, Vodafone, Jio Labs, Vendanta, iDreamCareer, Athena Fintech, PayTM to name a few

Testimonials from our learners

Kanti Jinger is a Director at Athena FinTech and is a pass-out of IIT Bombay (1991 Batch)

Why AI ML Etc. Courses and Coaching?

Other Online AI
courses and coaching
AI ML etc. Online
Courses & Coaching
Course Curriculum Outdated & Irrelevant
Practical, Relevant &
Latest Concepts*
Course duration6 months to 2 years4 to 6 weeks
Is Maths and Statistics
part of the course curriculum
End to End curriculumNo
(Most don’t cover LLMs)
(Basics to Latest)
*Price (per learner)USD 2000 to 12000USD <500
* (Course gets updated every week)

What have we created?

  1. Currently, most of the courses are focussed on Students
  2. Courses that are for Senior Working professionals are teaching irrelevant stuff and are of very long duration

Considering these 2 problems, we have designed AI + LLM courses for Entrepreneurs and senior working professionals (15+ years of experience)

The idea is to teach only the relevant stuff.

So, we

  • removed 80%+ stuff that other courses are teaching
  • simplified the concepts

For example – All the current courses start with Maths and Stats. However, we do not need to learn Maths and Stats, if we are not looking to build AI models ourselves.

So, we did not include these topics and created the courses accordingly. Similarly, we did not include 80%+ topics which are irrelevant for senior working professionals and entrepreneurs.

Course Details

AI + LLM minus codingAI + LLM with codingCustomized Course
Who is it for?Founders, CXOs, VPs,
Senior Working professionals
with 15+ years of exp
like Consultants,
Project Managers, etc
IT Tech professionals,
Dev Ops Engineers,
Product Managers,
Entrepreneurs, etc
B2B (Corporate,
Investors etc.)
No. of Sessions1624As per need
Total Weeks4 – 86 – 12
Pre-requisiteEnthusiasm to learn
a new technology
Python As per need
Fees (per learner)USD 395USD 495As per the course
(Min. USD 295)
Fees (in INR)INR 32,780INR 41,080INR 25,000

What will you achieve by the end of the course?

After taking the course you will be able to

  • understand what AI can do and importantly what AI can’t do
  • understand the possibilities of AI in your business and industry
  • implement AI in your business and work

Fee Payment Structure

50% fee to start the coaching

50% fee after the half course

For any further questions,

Please drop an email at nt(at)

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