Guest Lecture: “Large Language Models” for Future Leaders

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Guest Lectures – LLMs for Future Leaders

A short guest lecture on Large Language Models to understand the current sensation of AI without knowing Coding, Maths & Statistics

Why should I take an LLM course from AI ML etc (Nikhilesh Tayal)?

I am on a mission to increase the speed of learning AI by 5-10X, leveraging the incredible potential of technology, simplification, and relatable examples.

We aim to create an upskilling space where learners can discover, explore, and learn new tech skills at an unprecedented rate.


Enthusiasm to learn a new technology

Why do we need to learn LLMs?

ChatGPT is powered by Large Language Models.

Chatbots are there for some time now, but what made ChatGPT more effective?

LLMs made this happen.

So, by learning about these models, you can gain insights into the latest advancements in the field and understand the capabilities & limitations of these powerful AI systems.

We have simplified all the concepts by ripping off all the jargon and made them relatable with the help of examples

Duration of the lecture

2 hours

Who is this for?

This lecture is for full-time professionals, freelancers, students and entrepreneurs who are curious and want to gain functional knowledge about AI.

This knowledge can help them get a new job in an AI company, get a promotion within the organisation, or start a new business/ income source.

Delivery Mode

Both Online and Offline

Course Outline

  1. How do humans generate responses and talk?
  2. How computers started processing Natural Language
  3. What is a Transformer in ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer)?
  4. What are Large Language Models (LLMs)
  5. How do LLMs Understand a natural language?
  6. What are the limitations of LLMs
  7. What is the computational power required for Large Language Models?


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USD 300

For any further questions,

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Share it with your other non-technical friends
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