Relevant AI + LLM Coaching (Online) for Tech Entrepreneurs & Senior IT Technical professionals

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Practical and Relevant AI Coaching

Practical and Relevant coaching on Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models to build a career in the AI domain or implement AI in your business.

How is the course Practical?

You will get access to the following Hands-on labs and you will also make the following working AI/ ML/ LLM Applications and tools

Hands-On Labs

  1. Pandas Lab
  2. Machine Learning Lab
  3. Deep Learning Lab
  4. Computer Vision Lab
  5. NLP Lab
  6. Promot Engineering for Developers Lab
  7. LangChain Lab
  8. RAG Lab
  9. Vector Database Lab
  10. Functions – LangChain Lab
  11. Fine Tuning Llama2 on Google Colab

AI Tools that you will build

  1. ML Classification model
  2. Image Segmentation
  3. Text-to-Voice
  4. AI video Generation
  5. LLM Chatbot
  6. ChatGPT + Google Search
  7. LLM Chatbot for your proprietary data using the Google Cloud Platform
  8. Deploying LLM model on AWS Sagemaker

Course Duration

Total – 24 hours (Classroom coaching)

1-hour session per day, 4 days a week

It’s a short program but a rigorous one

Apart from these coaching sessions, you have to spend around 2 hours extra daily to do practical/hands-on exercises.

Course Mode

Instructor-led Interactive Online Classes.

Who is the audience of this course?

IT Professionals like Product Managers, Senior Engineers, Tech Entrepreneurs, etc who want to learn AI + LLM quickly.



How is the course Relevant?

  1. Currently, most of the courses are focussed on Students
  2. Courses that are for Senior Working professionals are teaching irrelevant stuff and are of very long duration

Considering these 2 problems, we have designed AI + LLM courses for Entrepreneurs and senior working professionals (15+ years of experience)

The idea is to teach only the relevant stuff.

So, we

  • removed 80%+ stuff that other courses are teaching
  • simplified the concepts

For example – All the current courses start with Maths and Stats. However, we do not need to learn Maths and Stats, if we are not looking to build AI models ourselves.

So, we did not include these topics and created the courses accordingly. Similarly, we did not include 80%+ topics which are irrelevant for senior working professionals and entrepreneurs

Why are you not teaching Maths, Stats and other concepts?

As AI has progressed, the focus has shifted from building AI models to using these models for your use case.

So, if we are not looking to build these models then we do not need to learn Maths, Stats and other concepts which are there in traditional courses.

Here is how I learned AI as a non-technical person in 4 months for free

Course Curriculum

Why should I take courses from AI ML etc

1. Super specialized in AI + LLM teaching

We know only AI but know it pretty well

2. Relevant and practical course

We teach only those topics/ concepts that you need to know in current times. Not a single irrelevant topic

3. Simple language

You will retain more and learn fast with our simplified and relatable examples. The learning speed is increased 5-10x.

4. Highly cost-effective

The price is less than 1/4th of the other courses

Who is the teacher?

Nikhilesh Tayal –

LinkedIn –

Will you provide a certificate?

Yes, we do provide a certificate.

However, the tools you will build and the knowledge you will gain will be much more useful.


Check here –

For any further questions,

Please drop an email at nt(at)

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