Weekend Crash Course on AI + Gen AI with coding

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Practical Crash Course on AI, Gen AI and LLMs

A short weekend course on AI (including Large Language Models) to build a career in the Gen AI domain or implement AI in your business.

Who will benefit most from this course?

IT Professionals like Tech Product Managers, Senior Engineers, Tech Entrepreneurs, DevOps Professionals etc who want to learn AI + LLM quickly.

Course Curriculum – Crash Course on AI (with coding)

AI Tools that you will build

  1. AI video Generation
  2. Image Generation using Open Source models on Huggingface
  3. GPT4 – API calling
  4. ChatGPT + Google Search
  5. Calling any OpenSource Models
  6. Chat with your Own PDF
  7. Fine Tuning Gemma
  8. Multi AI Agent using open-sourced LLM

Course Duration – Weekend Crash Course on AI (with coding)

Total – 8 hours (Classroom coaching)

4-hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday

It’s a short program but a highly practical one

Course Mode

Instructor-led Interactive Online Classes.



Who is the teacher?

Nikhilesh Tayal – https://www.aimletc.com/about-me-nikhilesh-tayal/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikhileshtayal/

Price – Weekend Crash Course on AI (with coding)

Check here – https://www.aimletc.com/ai-ml-etc-course-offerings-pricing/

More FAQs

Check – https://www.aimletc.com/faqs-ai-courses-for-senior-it-professionals/

For any further questions on Generative AI (with coding) course, please drop an email at nt(at)aimletc.com

Share it with your senior IT friends and colleagues
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