How to access open-sourced LLMs from Huggingface on Colab

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Namaste and Welcome to Build It Yourself.

The tutorial will show us how to access the latest open-sourced large language models like Gemma, Llama2, Mixtral, etc. from Huggingface using LangChain on Google Colab

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Why this article is needed?

In the previous articles, we learnt how to use OpenAI’s models. The latest models from OpenAI are proprietary models and OpenAI charges money to access them.

However, there are many open-sourced large language models from Google, Meta, Mistral, etc which can also be used.

So, In this article, we will learn how to use them with very simple code.

We will use this Google Colab Notebook –

Let us dive into it.


– An Open Mind to learn new things

– Huggingface account

– Huggingface’s Access Key

Access open-sourced LLMs from Huggingface on Google Colab

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Happy learning!

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Share it with your other non-technical friends
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