Free Course 12: Introduction to Large Language Models

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Introduction to Large Language Models

Welcome to this free course on Large Language Models. You will learn this cutting-edge topic in a very simple language.

Prequels to this course

Free Course 1: Introduction to ML and AI

Free Course 2: Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning

Free Course 3: Introduction to UnSupervised Machine Learning

Free Course 4: Reinforcement Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning & Self-Supervised Learning

Free Course 5: Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Free Course 6: Introduction to Computer Vision

Free Course 10: Introduction to Generative AI

Free Course 11: Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Lesson 1 – Introduction to LLM and Tokenization

Lesson 2 – Why we need Transformers

Lesson 3 – Intro to Transformers and Attention Units

Lesson 4 – How NLP has progressed over time?

Lesson 5 – How LLMs are different?

Lesson 6 – Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RHFL)

Lesson 7 – Computational power required for LLMs

Lesson 8 – What are the limitations of LLMs

Lesson 9 – LLM Hallucination


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Disclaimer – Most of the course content is taken from courses of All the copyrights of the material/ content belong to them. We just included that in our course and tried to simplify it further to make AI education accessible to everyone.

Share it with your other non-technical friends
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Nikhilesh Tayal
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