Free Course 12: Introduction to Large Language Models (Generative AI)

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Introduction to Large Language Models (Generative AI)

Welcome to this free course on Large Language Models (Generative AI). You will learn this cutting-edge topic in a very simple language.

Prequels to this course

Free Course 1: Introduction to ML and AI

Free Course 2: Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning

Free Course 3: Introduction to UnSupervised Machine Learning

Free Course 4: Reinforcement Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning & Self-Supervised Learning

Free Course 5: Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Free Course 6: Introduction to Computer Vision

Free Course 10: Introduction to Generative AI

Free Course 11: Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Lesson 1 – Introduction to LLM and Tokenization

Lesson 2 – Why we need Transformers

Lesson 3 – Intro to Transformers and Attention Units

Lesson 4 – How NLP has progressed over time?

Lesson 5 – How LLMs are different?

Lesson 6 – Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RHFL)

Lesson 7 – Computational power required for LLMs

Lesson 8 – What are the limitations of LLMs

Lesson 9 – LLM Hallucination


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Disclaimer – Most of the course content is taken from courses of All the copyrights of the material/ content belong to them. We just included that in our course and tried to simplify it further to make AI education accessible to everyone.

Share it with your senior IT friends and colleagues
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