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What senior AI roles are companies hiring for?

Many companies are hiring for senior AI roles like AI Product Managers, Head of AI, Chief AI Officers, AI Strategy Directors, AI Transformation Lead, etc.

Source https://www.forbes.com/sites/lucianapaulise/2024/03/12/this-is-how-ai-driven-leadership-roles-are-transforming-senior-jobs/?sh=a6120c171634

How is this course different from other AI courses for working professionals?

The major problems with existing courses are

  1. Spend initial time teaching Maths and Statistics
  2. Do not cover the latest topics like Large Language Models, Generative AI, LLM Agents etc.
  3. Long duration: 6 months to 1 year 
  4. Do not cover management topics like – AI/ LLM Security, How to build AI teams, Regulations in AI, Real use cases of AI in businesses etc.

And that’s the reason, we have

  • Removed almost all Maths and Stats
  • Made the course end-to-end – It starts with the basics of ML and covers the latest topics of Large language models
  • Duration – 8 weeks
  • Added management topics like – AI security, regulations, how to build an AI team, the costs involved, real use cases of AI in businesses etc

What are the other courses available out there?

Academic Institutes like MIT, IIT Kanpur, IISc Bangalore, IIM Bangalore etc.

Edtech Platforms like Maven, Upgrad, Simplilearn, Great Learning etc.

Most of the courses from these institutes and edtech platforms are created for students and junior professionals.

While targeting senior professionals, these platforms are offering almost the same course with some generic management lessons. Their main value proposition is “accreditation”.

However, when it comes to course quality they are falling short.

What they do not understand is 

  • Most professionals do not want to re-learn Maths & Statistics to start their AI learning journey
  • They need a complete offering from Baiscs to the latest and not just basics of AI or Machine Learning
  • Management lessons should be AI and LLM-specific and not generic ones
  • Senior professionals do not want to spend 6 months to 2 years learning a new technology, so the courses should be short.

Which Industries require Senior AI professionals?

Source https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/demand-for-artificial-intelligence-talent-grows-salaries-for-ai-roles-start-from-rs-50-lakh/articleshow/106066553.cms

Why are you not teaching Maths, Stats and other concepts?

As AI has progressed, the focus has shifted from building AI models to using these models for your use case.

So, if we are not looking to build these models then we do not need to learn Maths, Stats and other concepts which are there in traditional courses.

Here is how I learned AI as a non-technical person in 4 months for free

What will one achieve by the end of the course?

After taking the course you will be able to

  • understand what AI can do and importantly what AI can’t do
  • understand the possibilities of AI in your business and industry
  • implement AI in your business and work

Will you provide a certificate?

Yes, we do provide a certificate.

However, the tools you will build and the knowledge you will gain will be much more useful.

Who are your previous learners?

Some of our learners are:

Kanti Jingerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kantijinger/

IIT Bombay – 1991 passout. Currently running an IT company

    Hari Nayak https://www.linkedin.com/in/hariprasadnayak/

    Senior Director of Software Engineering – Maersk

      Shivani Jingerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shivani-jinger-534711103/

      IT professional, M.S – Oregon State University

        Prerna Pandithttps://www.linkedin.com/in/prerna-pandit-a93b929/

        Senior Development Manager at Veritas

          Gaurav Sisodiahttps://www.linkedin.com/in/gauravsi-msft/

          Principal Engineer Manager at Microsoft

            Is this course practical? Will I be able to make AI applications after the course?

            The duration of the course is less but this course is rigorous. 

            The curriculum is end-to-end. It contains 12 Labs and 18 practical applications. For every session, you may have to spend 2-3 hours extra work on exercises, labs and building applications

            Is the “AI + LLM course without coding” for people with no IT background as well?

            Yes, the functional course (course without coding) applies to all “curious” senior professionals and not just IT professionals.

            If you are curious about AI as a technology and want to learn it then you can enroll for the course.

            Will I get extra support if I need to understand the topics better?

            Yes, that should not be a problem. 

            Well, it has not happened yet but we can consider the request on a need basis

            Why/ How did you start teaching?

            I have been teaching many things to different people since 2005. I used to teach Maths to class 12th students. Later I taught Marketing and Sales to MBA students, then I taught Digital Marketing to working professionals and also taught about Entrepreneurship to new entrepreneurs. So I have a flair for teaching.

            I learned  AI by taking Andrew NG’s course and other online courses. At this time, I realised that many AI concepts can be simplified in simple language. If we can do this fear of learning AI can be reduced.

            So, I first simplified AI concepts and started taking AI classes in an engineering college. At the same time, I gave a few tech talks which were attended by senior professionals.

            After interacting with these senior professionals, I got a few queries like Is it possible to learn AI without Maths? How long does it take to learn AI? What topics are relevant for us to learn?

            At first, I gave the usual answers and directed them to the famous Andrew NG’s course but I also did a quick research if there were any special courses available for senior professionals

            And that’s when I realised the problem that the existing courses were not good enough and decided to build dedicated courses for them.

            Why a dedicated AI course for entrepreneurs and senior IT professionals?

            As AI is impacting almost every industry and business, senior business leaders are also looking to learn AI, but all the existing AI/ ML/ LLM courses for them are copy-paste courses for students and junior professionals.

            The needs of senior IT professionals and Entrepreneurs are different and that’s the reason they need a dedicated course.

            How needs of senior IT professionals are different from those of students and junior professionals?

            Students and junior professionals need to go deep, they need to do more hands-on while senior professionals and Entrepreneurs need to go wide.

            They need to understand the capabilities of AI, how to implement AI, how to build an AI team, the costs involved, etc.

            Keeping senior professionals’ and Entrepreneurs’ needs in mind, we have designed relevant courses for them.

            I am 40+ years old, should I learn AI?

            It seems there is no relation between Age and Learning AI. We have most of the learners with 15+ years of experience and some even with 25+ years of experience. 

            I know basic ML, can we skip that part?

            In the course, we start with the basics of ML and then go all the way to LLMs. 

            We only spend an initial 4-6 sessions on traditional Machine Learning. So, we suggest treating these sessions as revision. It will also help you understand our language and flow. 

            Can the price be negotiable?

            We have standard and transparent pricing – https://www.aimletc.com/ai-ml-etc-course-offerings-pricing/. We may come up with some seasonal discounts, so please keep a tab on that.

            In case you are going through a financial crisis, please email us and we will consider you.

            Do you have a weekday or weekend batch? What are the timings?

            There are both weekday and weekend batches.

            Weekday batches run 3 days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

            Weekend batches run on Saturday and Sunday. 

            We can decide the timings based on the Batch’s preference.

            I am a lawyer and want to learn AI tools, can you help me with that?

            Sorry, we can’t help you with that. We teach AI as a technology that can help you in making a career in AI or implementing AI in business.

            Just teaching AI tools is not what we do. 

            Why upskilling in AI matters for Senior Professionals/ Entrepreneurs/ Business leaders?

            Source https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/jobs/c-suite/becoming-a-generative-ai-thought-leader-why-upskilling-matters-for-senior-executives/articleshow/105662449.cms

            Is AI difficult to learn?

            AI is just another technology. As is the case for learning any new thing, be it technology or musical instruments or any other thing, we need to apply ourselves for some time.

            So, if we apply ourselves for a few weeks with the right frame of mind, it should not be difficult to learn AI

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