Why AI ML etc?

AI has started deeply affecting all businesses. Currently, it is not possible to run a company (small or big) without using AI.

And this would only going to increase.

As an individual, it might be good enough to learn AI tools to increase productivity. However, as working professionals or entrepreneurs, it might not be sufficient. Entrepreneurs, CXOs and Senior working professionals need to learn AI to both grow their businesses or grow in their careers.

Why the world needs AI ML etc’?

  1. Currently, most of the courses are focussed on Students
  2. Courses that are for Senior Working professionals are teaching irrelevant stuff and are of very long duration

Considering these 2 problems, we have designed AI + LLM courses for Entrepreneurs and senior working professionals (15+ years of experience)

The idea is to teach only the relevant stuff.

So, we

  • removed 80%+ stuff that other courses are teaching
  • simplified the concepts

For example – All the current courses start with Maths and Stats. However, we do not need to learn Maths and Stats, if we are not looking to build AI models ourselves.

So, we did not include these topics and created the courses accordingly

If you are also looking to upskill and learn AI + LLM in a very simple language, then I invite you to join this exciting journey.