Top 16 AI tools for Senior professionals and Entrepreneurs (2024 Edition)

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Disclaimer: This article intends to highlight some of the top AI tools for Senior professionals and Entrepreneurs. The list is not in any particular order.

The whole idea of doing research in AI was to make computers/ machines do tasks that humans can do.

And AI has certainly reached a point where it can take up some of the tasks we humans do and do it better and faster than smart humans.

So, it is high time, that senior professionals and entrepreneurs start delegating some of the tasks to AI.

To help them, we have curated a list of AI tools that will make their lives easier by increasing their productivity.

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Here are the top 16 AI tools for Senior professionals and Entrepreneurs to increase their work productivity

1. Tome

Making PowerPoint presentations is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you agree with the previous statement and dislike making presentations, then Tome AI could be your saviour.

Tome helps you in creating professional PowerPoint presentations faster and easier. You just need to specify what exactly you want and it will create a presentation in a few minutes.

Tome recently raised USD 43 million in funding from top AI investors.

The company also claims it to be the fastest productivity software maker ever to reach 1 million users

2. Otter AI

What is the common practice for taking notes in a meeting? A person is assigned a task to take notes and then circulate the minutes of the meeting to everyone later.

Now, what if AI can do this? 

Yes, Otter helps you do exactly the same. An Otter bot joins the call, listens to the entire conversation, summarizes it and then sends it to everyone.

Senior professionals from companies like Amazon, IBM, Walgreens, and UCLA to name a few are using Otter AI

3. Engage AI

The title of their website is Generative AI for LinkedIn comments and content.

So, what does this mean?

Engage AI helps you create comments for any LinkedIn posts.

You need to install its Chrome extension first. Once you do that click on “comment” for any LinkedIn post, it gives you multiple options – Friendly, Funny, Diasgree, Congrats and Question.

As you choose the option, AI will first read the post and generate a response. Helpful, isn’t it?

Additionally, you can create targeted prospect lists for relationship building to get timely notifications on your prospects’ latest LinkedIn posts for more engagement opportunities.

You can also follow relevant hashtags and integrate with other tools like Zapier, Zoho, Hubspot etc.

4. Elicit

Do you read many research papers and want a tool to analyze and summarise these papers for you?

If yes, Elicit can help you with this. 

The tool is trusted by researchers from Google, Stanford, AstraZeneca, NASA, and The World Bank to name a few.

It has a database of 200 million research papers. You can search for any paper and get a 1 line summary of the paper or extract details into an organized table.

5. Humata

Humata AI seems to be an alternative to Elicit. You can chat with long documents or ask it to summarize long PDFs.

Google, Gradient Ventures, ARK Invest are some of the investors of Humata AI

You can also compare documents with Humata AI

6. Zapier AI Actions

What if you could connect AI with your Gmail so that you can take the help of AI to generate responses to your emails?

This is just one of the 30000 things you can do with the help of Zapier AI Actions.

We all know that Zapier is an integration platform that hosts 5000+ third-party apps like MailChimp, Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Notion, Asana, etc.

With Zapier AI actions you can connect with these third-party apps and do thousands of such actions.

7. Notion AI

Notion AI helps you in turning overwhelming data into actionable information.

It also helps you in Q&Aing information across wikis, projects and documents.

Notion AI even helps you in writing better. Well, many other tools out there can help you with this, so we are sure if this is a stand-out feature or not.

8. Speechify

Speechify is a Text-To-Speech AI application. With the help of Speechify, you can listen to any book.

Yes, Speechify can convert text in your book into voice and you can then hear the content.

Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TIME, and The New York Times have covered the startup and it is available as a Chrome extension, Android and iOS app.

If you create content then you can Speechify for Voice over, dubbing, voice cloning, etc.


While Speechify can convert Text to Voice, HeyGen can convert Text to Video. 

HeyGen can help you lip-sync the text to your own Avatar or the various Avatars present in their library.

This could be a helpful tool if you are camera shy or do not have the time or skills to do video editing. 

The main use cases for using HeyGen are to create videos for Sales outreach, education & learning purposes, content marketing, product marketing, etc.


Copy is your GTM (Go To Market) AI tool. It provides various tools to automate hundreds of go-to-market tasks, to-dos and processes.

Some of the tasks that senior IT marketers and entrepreneurs can do are Generating Pipelines, Translating Copy, Creating content, Enabling Reps, etc.

According to its website, 15million+ have trusted from leading Organizations like Siemens, Business Journal, Stanley Black & Decker, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, to name a few

11. Scribe

Scribe AI can help you turn any process into a step-by-step guide.

If you want to create a guide for processes like Onboarding new hires, creating SOPs, building training docs, answering questions, assisting customers, etc, then you can use Scribe

Senior IT professionals from IBM, Intel, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce are saving time with Scribe

12. Clockwise

One question that comes to mind when we talk about work automation is – can AI manage calendars?

Well, with Clockwise, the answer is yes. Clockwise is an AI scheduling and calendar automation tool. 

It can calculate the best time for meetings, tasks and deep work based on your preference.

Senior professionals from over 40,000+ organizations including Asana, OpenAI, Shopify, Notion, GitLab, Uber, etc have made time for what matters with Clockwise.

13. Feedly

It can help you with three things – Threat Intelligence, Market Intelligence and News Reader.

Feedly for threat intelligence helps you collect, analyze and share actionable threat intelligence for your intelligence.

Similarly it can help you with market intelligence articles and content.

14. Canva Magic Studio

Canva changed the way we design images, posters and banners. 

It’s a natural extension that Canva adds Text-to-Image and Text-to-Video AI tools.

With Canva Magic Studio, you can design images, presentations and much more using Generative AI tools.

15. Jasper

Jasper is an AI copilot for Marketing teams. 

With Jasper, you can generate marketing content in your Brand voice. It taps into your company’s knowledge for doing that.

To boost its multi-modal capabilities, it has acquired the AI image platform Clipdrop.

Jasper is trusted by 100,000 teams globally like Amplitude, SentinelOne, Wayfair, HubSpot, and MorningStar to name a few.

16. Predis 

If AI can’t help marketers and entrepreneurs with social media marketing then many professionals would not consider AI helpful at all 🙂 

Well, Predis can help you with the same i.e. generating and sharing social media content in your brand language

With Predis you can generate Ads, voiceovers, hashtags, captions, Carousels and almost anything that you require for your social media marketing.

It also provides integration with Instagram, Shopify, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media platforms.


In conclusion, AI tools have become essential for senior IT professionals and entrepreneurs to increase their productivity.

The top 16 AI tools for Senior professionals mentioned above offer the capabilities needed to help you with various functionalities.

In case you are aware of any such tool, please feel free to email us. 

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