Live Coaching: Generative AI Essentials (without coding) for Senior Professionals

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Relevant Generative AI Coaching for Senior Professionals

A practical course on Generative Artificial Intelligence in a very simple language.

The course involves going deeper (than just learning AI tools and ChatGPT) and learning the functional knowledge to build a career in Generative AI or implement Generative AI in your business.

Who is the audience of this course?

Entrepreneurs, CXOs, VPs and other Senior Working Professionals like Consultants, Project Managers, Tech Investors, Sales & Marketing Leaders etc.

Course Curriculum – Generative AI Essentials

Course Duration – Generative AI Essentials

Total – 12 hours

1-hour session per day.

Learners have to spend 1-2 hours extra to revise concepts.

Feedback from learners for the course and workshops attended

Pre-requisite and Eligibility

Enthusiasm to learn AI

Course Mode

Instructor-led Interactive Online Classes

Who is the teacher?

Nikhilesh Tayal –

LinkedIn –

Here is how I learned AI as a non-technical person in 4 months for free

Price – Generative AI Essentials

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Who this course is not for?

This course is not for senior professionals who are looking to learn AI to increase their work productivity.

This course is for professionals who are looking to learn AI as a technology and not just tools.

More FAQs

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For any further questions, please drop an email at nt(at)

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Share it with your senior IT friends and colleagues
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