Book: AI without Jargon

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Book- AI without Jargon

A course on Artificial Intelligence for non-technical “curious” professionals to help them understand the world of AI without knowing Coding, Maths & Statistics

Who is this book for?

This book is for full-time professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs who are curious and want to gain functional knowledge about AI.

This knowledge can help them in getting a new job in an AI company, or getting a promotion within the organisation or starting a business/ income source.

Why do we need this book?

If we want to learn AI today, all the existing content is focused on Technical people (developers, coders, etc.)

The pre-requisite is that we should know Mathematics, Statistics and Coding.

And In case we don’t want to spend time learning or revising these concepts, it would be slightly difficult to sit through the initial lectures.

So, I decided to write a book that is more focused on non-technical professionals like me.

The idea is to simplify AI concepts and explain them without Jargon, Coding, Maths and Stats

Here is how I learned AI as a non-technical person in 4 months for free

Why should I take courses from AI ML etc?

I am on a mission to increase the speed of learning AI by 5-10X, leveraging the incredible potential of technology, simplification, and relatable examples.

We aim to create an upskilling space where learners can discover, explore, and learn new tech skills at an unprecedented rate.

Who am I?

My name is Nikhilesh Tayal. I am a non-technical person turned AI professional. I self-learned AI.

Read more about me –

LinkedIn –

Book Outline

This is a work in progress, so feel free to share your feedback/ suggestions with me.

Part 1 – What and Why AI

Hit the ground running by creating a basic ML model

Some AI applications in real life

  • Voice Search
  • Music Generation
  • Next word prediction 

Why the world needs AI

AI we saw in science fiction movies vs the actual AI

Can Machines match human intelligence?

  • What is human intelligence? 
  • Can Machines surpass human intelligence?

Can AI do anything? If not, what are things AI can do today?

The computational power required for AI models – CPU vs GPU vs TPU

Quiz (Will be part of every section)


Part 2 – Introduction to Machine Learning

Traditional coding vs Machine learning

How does a machine learn?

  • Supervised Machine Learning
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

Are Data Science and Machine learning the same?

Classification through ML models

Prediction through ML models

Part 3 – Why/ How did AI take off

To start with, let’s build an image classification model

How can we use existing pre-trained models?

Deep learning – powering the current AI revolution. 

How computers derive information from images and videos

How did computers start understanding human languages?

How does the face attendance system work

How Machine translates one language to another?

How AI models have evolved?

Part 4 – How do AI applications work?

How does the Youtube Recommendation system work? How AI predicts user behaviour?

How does Email spam filtering work?

Role of AI in Robotics

How bank can detect fraud through AI

How AI does Sentiment Analysis 

How AI helps in new drug discovery?

AI used in self driving cars

Style Transfer – How can you talk to a celebrity(Einstein, Gandhi) who is not alive 

Part 5 – Generative AI

What is Generative AI?

Build an AI video generation tool yourself

What are transformers and Large Language Models?

Computational challenges of training LLMs

Build a Chatbot that takes orders on your website yourself 

Real life applications of Generative AI

Part 6 – AI and Industries

How AI can help in marketing?

Applications of AI in e-commerce/ retail

AI in finance/ banking

AI in healthcare

AI in education

AI in government

How AI can help in cybersecurity

Part 7 – AI and Society

Limitations of AI

Societal Implications of AI

Where AI can go wrong?

Scams in AI

  • Voice cloning
  • Fake news/ Fake images/ Fake video/ Fake voice

Can you sue AI for false information?

Regulations on AI/ Ethics in AI

All practical use cases of AI

Future with AI

Topics for Advanced Readers

Further study 

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Share it with your senior IT friends and colleagues
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