Online LLM Crash Course for Senior Professionals & Entrepreneurs

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Relevant LLM Online Coaching for Senior working professionals (15+ years of exp)

A short course on Large Language Models to learn it in 6 sessions in a very simple language.

The course involves going deeper (than just learning Gen AI tools and ChatGPT) but learning the functional knowledge to understand the possibilities of AI/ LLM in your industry.

What is so special about this course?

  1. Currently, most of the courses are focussed on Students
  2. Courses that are for Senior Working professionals are teaching irrelevant stuff and are of very long duration

Considering these 2 problems, we have designed AI + LLM courses for Entrepreneurs and senior working professionals (15+ years of experience)

The idea is to teach only the relevant stuff.

So, we

  • removed 80%+ stuff that other courses are teaching
  • simplified the concepts

For example – All the current courses start with Maths and Stats. However, we do not need to learn Maths and Stats, if we are not looking to build AI models ourselves.

So, we did not include these topics and created the courses accordingly. Similarly, we did not include 80%+ topics which are irrelevant for senior working professionals and entrepreneurs

Pre-requisite and Eligibility

Enthusiasm to learn a new technology

This course is valid for Professionals from which industry?



Supply Chain and Logistics,



Real Estate,




Media etc.

Course Curriculum

Course Duration

Total – 6 hours

1-hour session per day ( 2 – 4 sessions per week)

Course Mode

Online Classes

Who is the audience of this course?

Entrepreneurs, CXOs, VPs and other Senior Working Professionals like Consultants, Project Managers, Tech Investors, Sales & Marketing Leaders etc.

Why should I take courses from AI ML etc

1. Super specialized in AI teaching

We know only AI but know it pretty well

2. Relevant and practical course

We teach only those topics/ concepts that you need to know in today’s times

3. Fast learning

You will retain more and learn fast with our simplified and relatable examples. The learning speed is increased 5-10x.

4. Highly cost-effective

The price is less than 1/4th of the other courses

Who is the teacher?

Nikhilesh Tayal –

LinkedIn –

Here is how I learned AI as a non-technical person in 4 months


Check here –

For any further questions,

Please drop an email at nt(at)

Share it with your other non-technical friends
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